Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandma Re's visit

Ten things that I absolutely love about my mother-in-law Marie...

1. She has a beautiful, childlike love for carousels. She collects porcelain, musical, carousel horses and any time we are in Nevada to see her the boys insist that she wind them all up. It was a joy watching her eyes light up at the sight of the spinning splendor during her short visit.

2. She always seems to be laughing. And it's contagious. She's the best card-buddy, making every game a total riot with her wonderful sense of humor.

3. She only has eyes for her grandsons; the very definition of a doting grandma. I am so comforted knowing that they have her to love them.

4. She's a no-nonsense person with gumption and guts. She will tell people exactly what she is thinking. I like that, a lot. I'm the same way, and I know how much trouble it can cause sometimes, but ultimately I think it's better to be open and honest, even with differing opinions.

5. She keeps a welcoming and lovely home. I hope I can build a home like hers with invitation written all over it. She cooks like a dream and is a great example to me of a true hostess.

6. When something needs to get done, she just does it. No whining. Once we drove down for a visit and our headlight was out. It had been out for months, horribly neglected, so we weren't that concerned. She drove us directly to a parts-store and helped us to change it, practically the moment we arrived. She passed a lot of that "go-get-um" on to her son, thankfully.

7. She likes what she likes. She is secure in what she likes. She does what she likes because it makes her happy and she doesn't (I don't think, but of course I'm no mind-reader) give a lot of thought to what other people think. Maybe some of that extreme confidence will rub off on me.

8. She plays. She jumps on a trampoline. She lays on the floor with the kids. She is a kid-at-heart. I love that.

9. She is so much fun to watch when she's with her husband Walt. They are in love. They tease one another in a teenage sort-of way. She takes care of him and he takes care of her. I'm pretty sure that she saved him and he saved her. I love them together.

10. She raised THE man of my life. So much of him came from her. Having boys now (wanting for them, worrying about them, and helping them grow) has helped me to understand, in part, what she did for my husband. He loves, honors, and respects me, not by accident. I know she taught him how to behave to a woman. I will forever love Marie for the boy she raised into a man.

So glad Grandma Re was able to fly up here for a visit. Wishing for a swift reunion.

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Rachel said...

Having wonderful in-laws in such a blessing! My mother-in-law is a Saint and I'm so glad you have a great one also!
A Little Time, A Little Miracle