Wednesday, June 22, 2011

rock the dock.

The hunt is on. We need the perfect family swimming spot.

Here's how Silverton Reservoir panned out...

Beautiful scenery with plenty of shade. POINT.

Tiny trails bordering the water that made running into strangers awkward and having a young, stupid dog with no manners around dangerous. BOO.

Sharp drop-off into deep water. MINUS.

Short driving distance away. CHIH-CHING.

Visible tadpoles and fish. RIGHT ON.

A general muddy-murkiness with hidden sharp rocks. GONG.

Cool dock that toddlers are overly attracted to and almost fall off of every few seconds. NO THANKS.

Practically a giant ant-hill. PPLLLTT(or however you write the sound of someone blowing a raspberry)!

Family fun / kids good and tired. YEAH-BUT. We can find that pretty-much anywhere...

37.5% effective swimming spot for our family's particular needs at the current juncture.

Now if Duke and I were looking for a good spot by a lake to make-out then that is a TOTALLY different story. Oh wait, except for those dumb ants.

This is the beginning of a serious scouting operation. Does anyone around here have any leads?

PS- a few more pictures here.

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