Thursday, June 16, 2011

songs with first names.

My early summer has been completely consumed in helping plants and children grow.

There has also been some room for music appreciation. I believe every season of life needs a soundtrack. Right now I am digging songs that are written for and about specific people with their names included in the verses. These personal melodies just seem sweeter and more honest than regular, generic love-songs, methinks.

The Beatles are king in this category. Oh, the hearts they must have broken! Michelle. Julia. Rita.
Martha. And so, so many more.

Then there's Ben Folds. Wow, what a lover of women, but mostly a teller of relationship reality from a man's eyes. Emaline. Kate. Annie. Jane. The list goes on, and all perfect gems.

Oh, there's the classic 80s lady, Eileen. I'm also loving a song by a band called Canoe titled "Anxious Jenny." But I can't seem to find it to share with ya'll.

Anyway, I'm off to water my children and play with the garden.

Or something like that.

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joolee said...

sister, i woulda been one of those girls screaming and passing out in front of the Beatles had i been alive at that time...ah, how i love them.