Tuesday, June 7, 2011

surreys and slurpees.

We are going to be needing a new car soon, for we can no longer fit in our little, five-seater.

After our bicycle-surrey adventure, we were tempted to can the whole car idea. But, oh, those Oregon rains to consider.

All through our drive this song ran through my mind. That lovely melody, interrupted occasionally by the sound of boys ringing the buggy bell, was just plain ideal.

It was also fun to see all the old ladies pull out their cameras as we passed by. Around these parts we have a HUGE family and are always somewhat of a spectacle. I can't blame anyone for swooning over the sight of our young princes...

...especially when they walk about holding hands. It does a mother proud to hear a passerby gushing about her sons.

What a good day in Portland, topped off with a slurpee; yum, yum.

Here's to making the warm weather count (because today it's gone again)!


She Loves The Color Pink said...

That family bike is the best thing I have ever seen!

amychasingchildren said...

That's awesome! Where'd you get the surrey? Is it someone you know or did you rent them in Portland?

joolee said...

since when does portland have surreys??? how fun! and, btw, that was exactly the same song i thought of when i read the title of your post. that was the FIRST musical i ever saw and i loved it. still do. :)

we're on the minivan hunt and let me tell you, it's a draaaag... (well, it's just hard with our budget and with the model/year of van we want, to find a good deal. plus, the husband is awfully picky about color....) oh the challenges.

Megan Marie said...

they have a rental booth set up at the waterfront, just next to the big fountain. i got the feeling that booth was pretty much always there, though we went during the city fair going on adjacent. they were telling us "usually it's not this busy." it was only $20 for an hour of family fun! :)

Miriam said...

You all are too cute. I've seen those down there before and wanted to rent one! Maybe husband and I will one day this summer...and maybe someday our paths will cross in Portland too! We live on SE Belmont just 5 minutes from downtown...you never know :)