Monday, July 11, 2011


Baby blue eyes. And...


My goodness, this goofy boy melts my heart.

Last night he was awake nearly all the way through, crying for his aching tummy. Duke and I were tired, but thankful for the sweet time we were able to share with him as we rocked and cooed. He's been the easiest baby imaginable, having only had one other really rough night in memory since he was a newborn, so it felt nice to be able to give him some of that love.

Oh, we love him.


Natalie said...

My baby has hippo teeth too. And they're sharp. And a front tooth is slowly dying from a face-fall, so it's turning brown. Lovely.

Bridget said...

The Savior is there for us when we are hurting. What a beautiful parallel being a parent is... and no wonder doing those kinds of things is such a loving, bonding experience. That is how it has always been.