Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bare bones.

Sometimes we're exciting. Sometimes we go on fantastic outings and come up with unique ideas to share. Sometimes I am so productive that I stand back and say to myself, "I am awesome."

Lately, that's just not how it is.

I am struggling just to keep the bare minimum done.

Why do we need to eat THREE TIMES every single day??? That is so many meals to orchestrate. I'm really tired of opening and closing our cupboards.

I feel incredibly blessed that Sparky and Iggy have suddenly started to play house together. They are happy for hours at a time being mothers and babies and daddies and cats while I function decibels lower than normal. And this sounds totally horrible, but I'm glad we all have runny noses because it's so easy to say, "we can't, we're sick."

Yesterday I endeavored to wash our car, inside and out. It was heavenly to feel a little bit valuable to the whole household operation, plus there was a nice breeze and an outdoor concert down the street wafting music my way. I wanted to bottle the evening and save it for some morning when I feel glued to my bed.

Once I spoke to a friend about the phrase "just do your best" and how it's never been a comfort when we feel inadequate, mostly because we as women know our best and it is totally wicked. I'm just not feeling up to doing my best, nope. So maybe I need to just tell myself "don't stink your worst today."

Anyway, it took all my effort just to launder the car-seat fabrics and scrub their crusty bones clean. And now I am going to stiffle the depressing little nag in my brain that says it's not good enough (what? it's been nagging you, too?).

So here is the place I go to feel better... I can't tell you how many times I have watched this little video. Go and see. "Good Things to Come."


joolee said...

i love that video. and yes, i agree we eat WAY too many times a day. :) add a snack or two in there and i feel as though i'm always in the blasted kitchen. ALWAYS. i wish my kids would never get hungry. (sigh...)

when i was pregnant with #3, a woman in the grocery store (a young mom, but older than i, and with some older children) told me i'd be busy! i said "sure, i know, i'm expecting the worst". we laughed, but then she stopped and very seriously told me something i like to tell other moms: not to expect too much of myself. so i haven't. it still bugs me that my house isn't as clean as it used to be 5 yrs. ago, or that i can't wash and fold all the laundry in one day anymore, run a million errands, sew a project or two, read half a book, call and chat with my parents and siblings, or be a wonderful, attentive wife and friend all day every day...i decided to set some things aside and just accept that i can't do everything i used to. it was hard for me, but now i realize that if i can run one errand and get dinner made, that's one TERRIFIC day! :) my kids are so precious. they deserve (and take!) all my time. and that's ok. that's how it should be. don't be discouraged by doing just the "bare bones." those are usually the most important things.

Laura said...

I gave up saying "I'll just do my best" a while ago, because I knew it was impossible. I mean honestly, can anyone "just" do their best? Instead, I changed it to, "I'll do what I can," which is a lot more feasible; and if it happens to even come close to my best, I'm happy.
You amaze me with what you are able to accomplish --I mean, cleaning out the car, even down to the car seat covers? I passed that level of productivity way more than a month ago --and I only have two kids to take care of, not three. Good for you!