Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Indulgence.

Before we were dating, we worked together.

I loved him then, in my subtle way. I would often go get lunch for myself at a teriyaki shop, ordering the cheaper thigh-meat meal, then I'd buy their nicer white-meat lunch to bring back to gift him.

I bought him a tie to say sorry when we got in a fight over a commission sale.

And he nearly always brought me hot chocolate back from the coffee shop (with extra whipped cream).

At that time we were generally financially unburdened. I miss the freedom of being able to pick up treats or ingredients or to take him on grand outings (once I even took him on a surprise Disneyland trip). Yes, I miss it.

Today was his birthday and we splurged to get him a piece of peanut butter cheesecake from the swanky Konditorei.

The boys' eyes were twice the normal size as they watched the cakes in the rotating case, exercising great discipline while the thoughts of their happy daddy battled with their watering mouths. They didn't even ask for anything to eat and I was oh, so proud.

Daddy was pleased, to say the least.

I am really looking forward to the day that all this scrimping and saving amounts to a comfortable allowance for tiny indulgences.

Being married. Going to school. Having a baby. Then another. Then another. Then another. Well, we love the path we've chosen. Even if it means we go in for the utility in those giant tubs of Neapolitan ice-cream over the divinely rich pastries of our dreams.

Here's to a lovely 32, and many more birthdays ahead!


Anonymous said...

Love this! It makes me appreciate where Joe and I are-the stage of carefree indulgences!

~Kimi~ said...

Who takes the pictures when you all are in them?

Megan Marie said...

In this case, my little sister (who came with us to get cake) snapped a few lovely shots. Sometimes I set the camera down somewhere and use a remote. :)