Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy heaven.

Outdoor exploration galore. Sharp things to ogle. Magic shows. Archery. Horses everywhere.

OK, I'm a girl and I love it, too. But for different reasons. Fantastic Costumes. Jewelry and masquerade-wear booths. Watching my boys be in heaven.

Grandpa has the niftiest shop in the whole faire; selling knives and swords, and staffs and maces. All children in the vicinity are moths in his flame. My boys are the luckiest of them all.

One magician captured their young minds completely as he snatched bubbles from the air and transformed them into tiny fairy-crystals (that looked suspiciously like palmed marbles). Children gasped in excitement, making the parents' hearts soar.

It rained, poured really, and we were soaked to the core (weirdest July weather).

Don't let the below picture fool you, I promise they were happy despite the damp.

Bring on the mud, an essential component of boy heaven.

Oh, I am so happy I could burst. What a wonderful family I have. What a beautiful life we lead. My husband and I speak each night of the joy we feel together and with our dear, dear sons.

One of the remarkable things about boys is this; every place is boy heaven. I could make a similar posting about the doctors' office or a junky-old car. They set such a good example for me as they search for and always find the blessings of an exciting, endlessly available world.

Toasting the world outside, and the special eyes that children have to see it properly!


Bridget said...

I love the photo of Fitz playing the [insert name of gold-horn thingie here.)

kelly said...

oh my i love the renaissance faire and i love your family. you guys look awesome.