Thursday, July 7, 2011

boys and boys and maybe girls.

Every boy from age 2 through 10 at the park spent over a half-hour trying to coerce a squirrel from its home in the ground using sticks. When the sticks didn't work, they finally thought to use our picnic peanuts. How is it that all of them, strangers of varied ages, were on the exact same wavelength? That's just how boys are, I swear.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have three boys. They are unique, but the boy link makes them at least a little predictable. As a mother, the tiny stability that comes from patterns in behavior and preferences has been oh, so comforting.

I can't really explain it beyond that. I'm sure it's the same way in families of all girls; there are things that each one of them does and beautiful ways that they relate.

If we have a girl, I am curious to see if she falls into many of their patterns out of desire to fit in and be like them, or if she exhibits a completely different set of traits and way of thinking.

Basically, if we have another boy it's going to be awesome. And if we have a girl it's going to be awesome, but a little bit freaky.

I guess I haven't forgotten how to be a girl or how to relate to little women, but darn-it if I don't love the patterns of blissful, easy-going activity that my boys have brought into my life.

I can say, in truth, that I am regretting our decision not to find out what we are having, just a smidge. Oh, well. There's really no use fretting about it; we'll know soon enough. In September. At the end. Heavens, how will I last the next three months?

Now off... in search of distraction. (Shouldn't be too hard to find around here.)


MaryPosa said...

I have three girls (very close in age to your boys), and it's ridiculously bonkers (In a fun way? Maybe.) It's a lot of drama and a lot of dealing with emotions. But there are delightful things about it too. But you're right, either way, boy or girl, it will be awesome. :)

Trapper and Suzy said...

You're brave for waiting! I wouldn't be able to last! It is fun having little boys and watching them play and be on the same wavelength. It's just something God intended maybe...

Natalie said...

Predictable? Girls? Nope. Every day is a new day and a new set of shrill screams over who-knows-what.

I'm with you though. I would have been very happy with 4 girls. But I'm very happy to know we're breaking the trend.

Tanya said...

your boys really are just so cute! i think it would be so much fun to have three boys.

now about finding out whether it's a boy or a girl...for pete's sake it's ok to change your mind. call them up and find out! why not!? i say a pregnant lady should get what she wants :o)

Teresa said...

Ditto what Tanya said. :) None of us will think less of you if you do. ;)

Laura said...

I'm having my third boy in less than a month, which is part of the reason I was attracted to your blog in the first place --it gives me hope, and I feel a bit of kinship there. And of course, I love the photos and bits of wisdom you share. Thanks. I really should have started commenting a long time ago I suppose, but I'm shy.
As far as not finding out, I think you're brave. I didn't find out with my first one, but every time after that I justified finding out because "if it were to be a girl, I'd have to prepare since I have no girl things." To be honest, I couldn't stand the suspense.
I actually hate it when I tell people I'm having another boy and they tell me something like, "Oh I'm sorry, maybe next time..." or ask "So are you going to keep trying?" (Yes, someone did actually ask that. Fail.)
I love my boys, and would be completely happy having all boys --girls scare me --probably because I was sort of a tomboy myself and I'm afraid of having a girly girl, but really because I fear future boyfriends more. I figure it's easier to teach my boys to be good and respectful towards girls and how to be upstanding men, than to protect my innocent, naiive and yes, silly girls from scary guys. (Not to scare you if you do have a girl, of course.) Good luck with number 4!