Friday, July 29, 2011

Experimental crafting. A starting point for your creative juices.

Agapanthus Stems for home and garden decor. I'll show you how I made them...

I was inspired by this lovely garden decoration from Terrain (pictured below). So I scrounged supplies from around the house and got to work.

Using a sturdy wire for the base and floral wire (about 15-20 pieces) for the head, I mimicked the basic shape of the flower. The beads I simply threaded and rolled the ends of the wire around to attach.

Here's a closer look...

Then I spray-painted it all white. Just think how lovely it would be to make an arrangement out of a bunch of these, all sprayed different colors!

With one, upon Duke's suggestion, I sprayed the wire first and added the beads later for color. I like it.

Anyway, maybe this little experiment gives you a tiny idea that will turn into something marvelous.

Cheers, all.


Crystal said...

Thanks : ) I felt so special.

tvmom said...

love this!!! thanks for sharing!