Thursday, July 21, 2011

horse power.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to ride a horse about town, tipping hat to any passerby?

Grocery stores would have to install those bars to tie the beautiful beasts out front.

There would be poop everywhere.

Chaps. We would all need to wear chaps.

And toddlers; what would we do with the toddlers? I couldn't possibly get along without a buggy.

Sorry, buddy. Practicality demands a different sort-of vehicle these days. But we still love you.

Check out our new horseless carriage. 2004 Toyota Highlander with a third row of seats, yes.

Feels good to know the baby won't be riding home on the top of our car.


joolee said...

yay! cheers for a bigger car! feel good, huh? and i have to tell you, when we were recently in Idaho, driving around the small town we stayed in with some friends, we passed a teenage girl plodding along on a horse on the side of the road...and she was texting. oh it was too funny. and bizarre!

Bridget said...

A clever post, as always. Congratulations!

Trapper and Suzy said...

That is sweet! Enjoy the new car! I'm so grateful to live in times like these.

Crystal said...

The car is really beautiful. (When I have saved the money, I will go Equine-Trekking, even if I go alone.)

Laura said...

Way to go on the car upgrade! Very nice, sporty and sleek, and not too frumpy --like a minivan or something. (Yeah, we're a Sienna family now, ugh.)
Beautiful horses too. Either you visit a lot of beautiful places, or the world is just plain more beautiful through your eyes (lens). Either way, thanks for sharing.