Wednesday, July 6, 2011

our family garden.

I've often thought of families as being a sort-of garden.

Each family is a whole, grand, garden with both old, ancestral roots running deep and young saplings sprouting here and there.

Not everyone is born into a well-tended plot, and often there are weeds of dysfunction threatening growth from the beginning of life. Generally, though, I'd say that family gardens have a beautiful heritage of tall, shade trees and treasured foliage; marvelous gifts of splendor we can aspire to emulate in our own development.

In our little corner we're planting seeds all of the time; kindness, love, honor, respect. We're working on weeds of ingratitude and entitlement that seem to sprout frequently.

We hope to cultivate a fruitful, pleasant family. We hope to give tools to our children, that they might work beside us and eventually fly to another plot to work along side a love, creating their own garden environment.

I picture gardens within gardens within gardens, always expanding in an impossible way.

Duke and I came from our parents with our favorite bulbs saved for replanting. The combination of traits in our garden thus far has been lovely, though we've had to prune and rearrange from time to time.

We're looking forward to the marvel in its maturity.

All metaphors aside, we are actually planting a border in our back yard.

It is going to take us years and by then we'll move, but I am loving every moment.

Who knew there was such a variety of beautiful plant-life available?

Yes, this is an adventure. The best part so far has been exploring the possibilities in the many nurseries around our home.

We're planting old favorites along with new discoveries! And lovely friends and families are pitching in with starts, hooray! I really can't wait to pass the love along in years to come.

Could life be any sweeter than it is in a garden?

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Bridget said...

Thank you for this post, Megan. What a beautiful metaphor.