Monday, July 18, 2011

my hand smells like horses.

Basically, we're just going and going and going these days, non-stop.

I am loving every moment. The boys and I just got back from our morning outing (petting pretty horses with Grandpa) and this is the first time I've had to sit and compose anything.

Reflecting on the weekend... well, I decided that I need to be more involved in the community, and I shouldn't wait until I'm an empty-nester. Right now I am living a stage of life that is under-represented in city planning (it's no wonder because what young parent has time for that stuff), so my perspective is needed.

We went to the Salem Art Fair, which is supposed to be rated the top 20th of its kind in the country, and I was totally bummed. The attraction for families was seriously lacking and I was bursting with my two cents.

There's always that temptation to be total hermits while the kids are little, specializing in reclusive movie-watching and home-body routines. But there is oh, so much good to be done everywhere!

I'll have to figure out some way to be more involved.

In the meantime I will just enjoy this sudden burst of happy motivation I'm feeling!

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