Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I never want to forget. They made up a game; they call it "sweetie." One of them is "sweetie" and the other is the compassionate caregiver. Sweetie asks for things and the the other answers, "Yes, sweetie" or "no, sweetie, not right now," depending on the inquiry.

Will you please roll the car windows down for me? "Yes, sweetie, of course." And down those imaginary windows come. It's like they're playing house only even more darling. They play at night before bed (we spy through the monitor) or in the morning hours as I clean. Really any time they think of it. And I love that they do think of it. All on their own.

Duke and I wanted to play pretend today, too. So we set up a restaurant for dinner time and served them as our guests. Yes, sir. Excellent choice, sir. Will you be wanting a beverage, sir?

Chocolate milkshakes with every-color of sprinkles? Coming right up!

Oh, the loveliness that little acts of sweetness bring into our family.

We're surrounded by real-life sweeties.

And we've plenty of opportunities each day to show them our love in return.

Oh, joy. (And a happy sigh.)


Domesticated-Bliss said...

This is the best!

Linzi said...

What a fantastic idea! My girls would love to order me around :)

Miriam said...

That is the most darling thing that you two served the boys as if they were all grown up and out to eat!!! Someday I will have children and remember this and try it out on them...I'll let you know how it goes :)