Monday, August 22, 2011

a blur.

What happened over this last week?

My body hurts, so I think I've been active. There is a giant pile of dirty clothes on the floor, so I think I got dressed every day. The dishes have stacked up, so we must have been cooking and eating food. All evidence of a busy life.

Plus I've hundreds of photos of high school seniors in my iphoto library.

I fear that this last month of pregnancy will be a blur and that I'll not ever have the time or energy to nest. What a shame, for I do so love to nest. I love the smell of perfectly clean carpets. I love a bathtub that sparkles. I love an organized pantry and a "to do" list with all the items scribbled out.

But I also love the look of a full and joyous calendar. Camping. Socials. Dinners. Dancing. The Zoo. Birthdays. Family. Family. More family. Our calendar is a full bottle of diet coke and the baby's coming is a mentos.

Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the magical splendor of it all and skip the fretting over a giant, sticky mess.


Jessica Bjorn said...

OMGosh. I love the bike/balloon photo!!!! LOVE!!!

Bridget said...

I love that you can look around a messy house and call what the mess "evidence of a busy life." Perspective does wonders! Thanks.

Laura said...

lovely pictures. lovely sister of yours, too.