Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camping, part three. Reflection.

5 things we learned about ourselves while camping...

1. We want to be like our friends, Rusty and Marlaine. They have three boys, almost grown now, and they've made recreating together a huge priority in their home. We want to become as resourceful, inventive, prepared, and generous as they are, and we are thankful to have had the chance to become closer to them.

2. Our kids are champs. They sleep through the night, even on the woody ground. It's easy to think of all the things that are hard about camping with young children, but we are tough! We did it and we can do it again. And again.

3. We are so happy. So happy with our current life situation. So happy having what we have. So happy in love. So happy as a family. I don't even know how many times Duke and I expressed these things to one another while we were in the wilderness.

4. Around potential hazards I am far too grown-up and Duke is a big child. We balance one another, but we've both got to work on becoming more well-rounded. I yell, "climb down from there and set a good example." And he yells back, "come in the water and spend time with us."

5. Our good attitude about the road bumps made the trip infinitely more enjoyable than our fondest dreams. If we got lost in the woods, we laughed. It was really that simple. All the little "disappointments" were not disappointing at all. We had a true adventure and soaked it all in. I loved that about us, and I want to keep that trait for everyday! I hope we can!

Now, on to the next adventure before the summer closes! Can you believe that baby #4 comes around in about 4 weeks??? I can't!

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Laura said...

I am so jealous that you got to go camping. I am such a chicken. Even though I grew up in a camping family, I hardly dare with young kids for some reason. I'm truly amazed at you for going (not to mention sleeping on the ground) this late in your pregnancy. I didn't have the energy while I was pregnant, and there's no chance of going now with a new baby. I hope you keep it up. Perhaps you will inspire us as you show us how it's done.