Monday, August 15, 2011

I left my camera.

Stooph, one more thing.

I'm glad I left my camera at your house. It was an accident, but if had given it any thought, I would have done it on purpose.

I love that we got to come back in our pajamas and spend more time with you and your great family.

I love that my camera was returned with so many additional photos.

I love that the timing worked out such that I could see cute Tanya, her darling kids, and her adorable belly. It's funny how following her blog can make me feel like we're such good buds even though we've hardly ever exchanged a word. I really like her.

I love that our kids came back from our visit entirely too filthy for the second day in a row.

And I'm especially pleased that they were able to make friends with your spunky niece, Lucy.

I must share this video of their southern-accent-gibberish game that we so enjoyed witnessing...

So happy to have wonderful friends and acquaintances who make us smile.

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