Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a recipe for success.

Take some peaches.

Plus jars.

Add family.

Make sure to play lovely music and sneak off with your husband to the other room for kiss and dance breaks.

Mix all of the above with "late hour" and "communal effort."

Warning; silly puns (like "this is the pits!") and dopy laughter are likely to occur.

Successful families are established and maintained on a few, key principles.

One of those principles is "work."

Side by side.

So happy.


Natalie said...

Home canned peaches are the best - especially with so many helpers to peel and slice! Love this. :)

Teresa said...

Such a blessing to have family close in proximity and close to your heart. I read your blog with mixed emotions sometimes. I love that your family is close and does so many things together, but it makes me sad, too, because we have to travel between 1-1/2 to 12 hours to be with our adult children and grandchildren. Seeing things like this makes me miss them so much!

Crystal said...

Our extended family is right here and town, and yet work like canning is never shared or looked at as an opportunity for joy. To them, it's just labor. How wonderful that you all can have such fun together! I love seeing your little 'slices' of life ; )

Laura said...

yay canning! and i just made a jamming post! oh, oregon and it's bounteous valley.