Friday, September 9, 2011


This is Charlie. Sparky says she's a girl. Iggy says he's a boy. Fitz just pokes Charlie in the eyes a lot. We're practicing. (Duke reminded me that the doll is a pretty accurate representation of our coming bundle. It will probably be bald. And it will be wearing blue without regard to its sex, since that's what we have.)

Iggy is both very sweet to and VERY possessive of Charlie. He insists we take him along everywhere we go.

Sparky is mini-mom. He sings to her.

I caught Fitz feeding Charlie blueberry yogurt. He gives Charlie the best kisses.

The new baby has a lot to look forward to, coming into a family with such loving big brothers...

and maybe a little bit to worry about.


Laura said...

I always wondered if practicing with a doll doesn't give the wrong idea, since there's a lot of things you can do to a doll that wouldn't be so good with a real baby. Still, it's fun to see them be sweet.
I'm afraid our baby dolls have already become the villains in a lot of their imaginary play. Boys.
Good luck with the baby!
P.S. I love that Iggy has his big boys on backward.

Scott and Stacia said...

I loved this post. You know when you got Sparky a doll when you were having Iggy...well I loved the idea and followed suit. Jacen really wanted nothing to do with the doll. He kind of looked at me like, for real you got me a doll. But then Brycen loves the doll. he will take care of it and all. It is so fun to see the differences and similarities in your own children. I love that Iggy also wears his underwear backwards...Brycen is also famous for that :)

Angry Carp said...

Check out for a similar discussion of boys and dolls. She has links, too, for dolls for boys, if you're interested. I enjoy your blog for its honesty, sweetness, and wisdom. Keep writing!