Wednesday, September 7, 2011


These photos, taken seven years ago, just surfaced from a film roll belonging to a good friend of our past and fellow photographer, Steven. Want to hear a foot-in-mouth conversation that resulted from their appearance on facebook?

Keep in mind that my husband...

1. never fails to say something stupid when I am 9 months pregnant.
2. loves me desperately, and I know it well. So I am pretty forgiving when the words come out wrong.

Steven wrote, "Found photos from 7 years ago. You haven't aged a day."

Duke and I were sitting together at the computer when we read his comment, and my sweet husband, looking at my giant belly, said, "little does he know." This was dumb, but not the worst part. I just laughed and said something like, "I know, right?"

Then I didn't say anything. I was just sitting there looking at the picture. Suddenly, Duke reached his hand out, rubbed my shoulder and said in a consoling tone, "It's ok, honey."

Such a boy. Really. I laughed and laughed while he asked me, "what? what did I say?"

Actually, as I looked at the pictures I was thinking about how much I like myself now. I do look similar, though I have changed, but all in good ways. The last seven years have given me depth and grace and confidence, really. So, it was rather funny that Duke assumed I was spiraling into pregnant-lady self-pity. I love my man, even if he is such a boy sometimes.

Oh, I must share just one more embarrassing conversation. This one was when I was very large with child the first time around (and a little more sensitive) so it took a few months to become funny.

The word "change" is what he meant to say. Like "change your clothes."

Here it goes. Late one night he rolled close to me in bed and said, "I wish you would turn into something sexy." In other sentances the words "change" and "turn" might actually have similar meanings. Not in this one. Always an adventure, being married.

Good thing I know he totally digs me, belly and all.


Natalie said...

That's the BEST!! Oh man, I'm laughing good.

I like myself more now too, now that I've aged some. Pregnant belly and all.

Angela Brown said...

That is so funny. Guys really don't have a clue what they are saying sometimes! When Roy and I were engaged I had the moronic idea to ask him if he thought I was fat. His response: "Honey, I don't think you're fat.... That doesn't mean you're not, I just don't think you are."
We still laugh about it.

Staci said...

I agree 100% about both our husbands saying dumb things and also about aging is better. I think I'm way better looking now. I feel since becoming a mother my wrinkles and body is all different but so much more meaningful.