Thursday, September 29, 2011

a love letter.


We love you so.

We love the baby you've been and the boy you are becoming.

Son, we can't help but pat your fluffy, red hair when you walk by.

The face expressions you make are just too much. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we rush to comfort you. Mostly we swoon.

You want to be like your brothers, we know. And you are like them. But you are also so very special and unique. You are one of a kind, young one.

We're treasuring these fleeting moments. Holding your hand. Snuggling you tight in our arms. Rocking you. We know you can't possibly stay this little forever.

If only we could save a few of these days in the deep-freeze to pull out for our comfort on your first day of high-school, the day you leave home, your wedding day.

For now we will hold your little body in our loving arms and cherish every swing of your sleeping legs.

Oh, son. We are so happy to be your parents.

With Love,
Mom and Dad

1 comment:

Laura said...

When I look at your pics I always gaze a little longer on this wee man. What a little gent. Blue eyed boy.