Tuesday, September 13, 2011

might I suggest...

Let's say it's around 5pm and your kids are melting.

Might I suggest you fill their bellies with something easy and jump right into the car.

Then head over to a local high school's track and field.

Make sure to explore the bleachers real good.

And don't forget to look for the things that people usually miss, like the troll prison under the black-top.

I highly recommend that you lay on the turf, even if your hair and clothes get covered in those little, black, plastic bead-things.

Warning; running around the track may cause extreme fatigue and a readiness for a prompt bed-time.

Oh, thank heavens for the wonders all around us. For the places, but especially the people, that give us hope at 5pm.


joolee said...

oh yes, going to the track is a favorite thing in our house too!! and you just look absolutely fabulous - i can't believe that little belly of yours has a baby in it! near the end, i'd have a shelf to put my dishes on (one BIG belly) and chubby chipmunk cheeks to go with it. ;) you don't! all the best to you and your boys in these last weeks!

MaryPosa said...

We do this too! We go to the track and have "silly races" and have the most lovely time. You take such fantastic pictures. Love it.

Rachel and Todd said...

I'm so glad I found a friend like you in the blog world! Thanks for your inspiring words and photos. Did you know I need you? As a fellow mom? As a woman? As a latter day saint? You're my pick-me-up! What a wonderful woman you are.