Tuesday, September 13, 2011

old photos and the now.

Does anyone else adore the flash-backs in movies and shows? I'm slightly obsessed with back-story, even my own.

Sometimes I get caught up looking through old photos and I discover (or rediscover) such tender mercies. What a marvelous thing it is that we start out so little, and get to be so grown-up. I love that we take our turns in each stage of life, hopefully enjoying what little time we have in that phase as we gradually move on.

What a sweet thing it is to look at our children and know that they came from us. I love noting the boys' deep, brown eyes, freckles, scrawny build or familiar chin. And what a sweet thing it is to see my lover's features in our babies, wherever his genes stepped in. The combination is perfect. I couldn't have designed them to be so perfect.

Sometimes I get caught up looking through old photos and I discover (or rediscover) the child I was. Then I laugh, because, for example, I had forgotten my deep love for Johnathan Taylor Thomas (or JTT, as you fellow fanatics will remember).

I see so many things that have changed (the fashions) and so many things that haven't (my generally free spirit and confidence- even slight cockiness). I love where I came from.

Sometimes I get caught up looking through old photos and I discover (or rediscover) how much I want my baby to be outside of my belly, not in it. I fall in love with my former freedom of movement and covet, horribly, the free me from not-so-long ago.

That's about when I need to stop looking at old photos.

"Learn from the past, prepare for the future, live in the present." -President Thomas S. Monson

Well, I've lived a full life to this point. I've got plenty of dreams to achieve, looking forward. And my present... I wouldn't want to wish away this dear, and oh, so brief season of largeness-for-the-sake-of-baby.

Things were lovely. They will be lovely. And they are pretty darn lovely now.


kelly said...

yes but you're the cutest pregnant lady around! and boy or boy does your son look just like you! i love when that happens.

Stephanie and Todd said...

LOVED JTT!!! Haha! Also love this sweet post :)

Natalie said...

JTT was a little young for me. I was of the Kirk Cameron crush era. But he wasn't my crush. Just my sister's. I crushed on Tom Selek, molestache and all. Creepy for a 12 year old? Probably.

Scott and Stacia said...

I loved JTT too :) It is fun to remember back to those type of things. To me the last leg of pregnancy is the hardest in ways! Hang in there!

Cody said...

MEGAN! I loved him too! I had over 200 DIFFERENT posters of him. There were so many that I had to switch them out periodically. Your blog is so entertaining and I love the new ballet pictures =o)