Thursday, September 1, 2011

A school desk.

Things are getting pretty exciting around these parts.

My husband finds out soon if he passed his last section of the CPA exam. Hooray for bean counters!

We've signed our Iggy up for dance lessons to help encourage his self-expression in a disciplined environment. He's stoked.

Of course, there's the baby coming, whenever he/she decides to show.

And our oldest, Sparky, is starting preschool here at home.

Yesterday we re-purposed the playroom tables into a responsible-looking desk.

OK, here's the part where I tell you a little about my personal learning philosophy and you may or may not agree. I believe that the public school-system nurtures only a portion of brain function, and in a lot of ways ignores a whole area of incredible potential in our children.

I am so thankful for this year, before he starts kindergarten, that we have together to play with possibility. In later years we'll supplement with expanded activities, but for now I have him all to myself.

In order to come up with a curriculum, I wrote a list of subjects he will be learning in school next year and added to it. And added some more. We're so excited to focus on the arts and building creativity and overall vision. We're pleased, also, to be able to have things like "service" and "work" on our agenda.

Once I had a list, I starred the things that I felt would be most expedient at this time. Those priority topics, I scheduled more than once each week. The others, we'll take in turn, learning bits and pieces as we go. I've got a basic schedule (Thursdays; puzzles, service, arithmetic) and I've planned specific activities and lessons for a couple weeks in advance.

This is home-school that I can do. That fits us and our life. And I'm excited.

Thought I'd share just a little of the hubbub.

Here's hoping that you've got a little something-or-another that you're looking-forward-to as well.

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Laura said...

i am so excited for the dancing! that child has got style. oh, and the baby, i mostly excited for that.