Thursday, September 29, 2011

walking the earth again.

All too often I decide (usually on a whim) to park our car somewhere and take the kids on a ridiculously long walk. I don't plan ahead well enough to bring a stroller. Or a backpack. Or even a water bottle. Today my pockets were brimming with granola bars and I figured we'd come across a drinking fountain at some point, so we set off across my favorite foot-bridge.

I can't help thinking, just a little, about my world just a few years back, before the foot-bridge was paved and open to the public. Then, it was an unused rail-road bridge with barbed-wire fences blocking both ends. In my reckless youth, I climbed those fences, jumping from one wood-slat to the next for a bit of adventure.

Where once was a thrilling, forbidden gamble for footing, today we found solid, safe and welcome support for bodies, young and old.

When I was young, often found myself on uncertain footing. Now my world and my soul are generally more stable, predictable, and reliable. I like that a lot. I've been able to take down my barbed fences and invite people, young and old, into my life. And I can be there to support them in their journeys.

I've been reading a marvelous, new book called "Daughters in My Kingdom" which is a history of the women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I've especially been enjoying the examples of women who have gotten their acts together during times of trial specifically in order to help the other women around them.

"It is my strongest desire that our young women of today be made to comprehend the work of the early members who, without the facilities of the present time, comforted the sad and distressed, visited the widow and fatherless, and were like ministering angels." -Emmeline B. Wells, 1914

As I've come, through reading, to better comprehend the examples of these remarkable women, I've wanted to do more and be more. I've wanted to be available to help others. I've wanted to be more available to my husband and children. I've wanted to give more of myself. It feels really good to start to think, "what can I give?" instead of my frequent, "what am I getting?"

On this footbridge without barbed fences, we met the cheeriest, magic bubble-man. The cargo he carried was an assortment of bubble wands. We could tell that he loved bubbles so much that he just had to share them!

The boys chased him over half of the expanse of the bridge. This man was my angel for the moment as we were on our ridiculously long trek back to the car and the kids were officially done walking. (Not even my best lecture about Pioneers crossing the plains could motivate them.) I really love this somewhat strange man and I hope for him countless blessings. I want to be just like him.

Reading good books and then walking around a lot seems to stimulate my mind in miraculous ways, filling my soul, filling my bucket so I can fill theirs. You would think I'd feel drained on this day that was supposed to be my baby's due date, as I feel no end coming. But I don't. I am full, mmm.


Scott and Stacia said...

What a nice unexpected blessing...that bubble man was your angel. I love that on your due date you were on an adventurous walk. I hope your baby comes quickly!! I know the last days are trying. Hang in there!!

Our Little Bubble said...

that last picture is priceless. i love getting good shots of our trio of boys like that one.