Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An adventure in a bag.

Since I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, Duke is off of work for a short while to take care of us all. While he took Iggy to his ballet class this morning I had the chance to pack and adventure bag for the boys.

Adventure bag contents:
1. a picnic lunch
2. extra bread for the ducks
3. a photo scavenger hunt list and camera

It was so nice to have a few hours to relax while they were out.

And they returned with wonderful photographs from their hunt to share with me.

(Sister would like throwing rocks in water.)

(Don't ask me why he does that. But it's pretty hilarious.)

(They're thankful for the world.)

What a very very good day it's been.

And to top it off, my mom just brought me a Jamba Juice. Yes!

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Scott and Stacia said...

I love that idea. I sure hope I remember that idea when I have our baby--I guess I can use it before then too :) How fun to see all the things that they found.