Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hungry girls.

We might possibly get that super-chubby-baby we've always dreamed about. She eats like she's a contestant in a pie-eating contest, only she's not eating pie and there are fewer spectators.

I feel as if I haven't been full in weeks. It's actually been pretty miserable. Soon after she was born I came down with a pretty severe case of mastitis and I was put on antibiotics. These particular pills had to be taken four times a day and always on an empty stomach. So when my nursing body cried out for food at odd times, I just moped. For ten days.

Yesterday I had my wisdom teeth out (OUCH). A cool liquid and soft food diet is the pits. I want something hot and savory in the worst way, especially after all this yogurt and pudding and instant breakfast.

I think I might just cook a whole Turkey and eat it by myself as soon as I can chew.


Brieanna said...

These are super cute photos. Have you come up with a nickname for her yet or did you share her real name on your blog? It seems she was born with a headband or bow on her head, I haven't seen a picture without one. Ella still won't wear bows or headbands, perhaps I should have had her wear them before she could take them off.

Scott and Stacia said...

Love chubby babies!! Sorry you had Mastitis, that is so painful!! And your Tonsils out!! My goodness you have been through tons for having a new baby to take care of. So glad "DUKE" can be home to help you out. He is a keeper!!