Monday, October 10, 2011

peace and quiet?

Grandpa, you're so funny. That was really funny, grandpa. Haha, we're laughing. A drum set. Really? A DRUM SET? Delivered the day we bring the baby home from the hospital?

Oh, grandpa. You know what, though? She doesn't even seem to notice. And the boys LOVE it. I guess I'm coming around, especially after the stellar jam-session we had yesterday. They made some beautiful piano-drum-rainstick-guitar-music for baby while she was eating.

Ok, grandpa. Really, I owe you thanks. Thank you for helping me to remember that life doesn't have to be so serious all the time. Thank you for loving your grandchildren sooooo darn much that you can't help spoiling them just a little. Thank you for being my dad and teaching me to be fun and silly just like you, because I like that about us. I'll try not to forget, during this very grown-up time of my life, to be a kid-at-heart.

Peace? Inner peace. Quiet? Who are we kidding? It's about time everyone heard and accepted our commonly-used, family disclaimer; we are THE LOUD FAMILY.

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Crystal said...

I haven't heard a sound!