Monday, October 3, 2011

ushering in fall with friends from afar.

My sweet Choody and Stooph came to town for a split second of a day. They came bearing pumpkins to adorn our porch.

Oh, I wish they lived closer. Choody is a California girl. Stooph hails from Utah. I also wish I would have had a sweet, little baby for them to meet.

Choody spent the night, just her, no kids (she has three). So we were able to sit up late and chat, like the old days only now we talk about husbands (not potential boyfriends) and children (not potentially dangerous shenanigans). We did facials and she even painted my toenails (yellow with orange dots) since I can't reach.

If only Laura had been in town from the spud state to sit on my steps and drink sonic slushies with us. I so love my dear, old friends (not OLD really, but we four have been friends for a long time, you see).

It's raining pennies from heaven these days. What marvelous blessings to behold all around us this fall (especially the company of those friends we hold dear). (And for parentheses, which I really like all of the sudden.)


Natalie said...

Oh! I love October and pumpkins. My b-day is on the 25th, and put me in a huge carved pumpkin to take a pic. October is a wonderful month of have a birthday, the best of the entire year. Best wishes to you and your family as you welcome this new friend into the family. Thank you for sharing your joys on your blog. I enjoy following your family's adventures from afar.

Laura said...

you guys are the best. looks like you had a great time. i wish i had been there!

Teresa said...

And what is your nickname?

Stephanie Marie said...

i wish laura was there all the time! let's plan a friend reunion!! can't wait to hear about your baby tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Megan Marie said...

I forgot to cal Laura "Larseses," that's her nickname.

And they call me "Megs."