Monday, November 7, 2011

the bowling alley.

incredibly magical. but sort-of like taking your toddlers clubbing.

black lights. loud music. a ton of confusion and yelling at point-blank range.

there were so many families there for their saturday evening outing. and also, unattended cups of beer everywhere.

we sort-of had our own, little bubble at our lane- with totally awesome bumpers and a ramp for the boys' benefit.

there was the perfect dance floor in the vacant lane next-door.

WARNING! the music on the video starts out a little loud (to lend to the club atmosphere) so you might want to turn your volume down a little if you watch. especially if you've been sitting quietly by yourself for a while. or if you have a napping baby in your arms.

duke and i cringed just a little when we heard lyrics like "i wanna make love in this club" while we watched our sublimely innocent babies shake their little bodies.

someone who remembered me from my high school was partying there with a big group of buds. he came over to say hello and was surprised when i introduced my husband and FOUR kiddos. the bowling alley really is a place where people from all walks of life collide.

just an observation, really.

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Laura said...

i have good memories of bowling with you. and pictures to prove it.