Wednesday, November 9, 2011

dance and discipline.

Iggy's been to about 8 or so ballet classes at this point. He still asks me if it's Wednesday every morning because he's so excited to go.

Once he became comfortable with his teacher, Miss Annie, he stopped listening to her directions. He was constantly hanging off of the dance bars. Or running away from their sitting circle. Or just generally being an obnoxious three-year-old. Strangely, his behavior at home has improved immensely. Sort-of like his rebellious spunk was spread thin, coating more recipients.

Today as I watched him, I felt hope for him in both arenas. Miss Annie noted that he'd improved immensely since last week. And although he spent much of the time making up his own dance moves instead of joining in with the others, he worked within their circle and followed most of the basic instructions. I've noticed that he wants to do more leaping or strength exercises and less fru-fru posing. I'm totally OK with that. Especially since we've worried, just a little, that we might be setting him up to be teased by other boys. In the picture below, he was watching himself do giant jumps in the mirror.

They were sized for their costumes today. Their Nutcracker performance is coming and I am thrilled, to say the least. What a wonderful world we live in! There are so many enriching endeavors available for our children's benefit! I am thankful for the refining process of learning a new skill. I am thankful that offering him a challenge has been so instrumental in correcting behavior issues. Some of the other methods we've tried for correcting behavior have been infinitely less fun for both of us.

What a little stud.

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Natali Puga said...

You take such dreamy photos.
This is the cutest thing ever.