Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy home-made nativity.

How about an easy jenga-block and linkin-log nativity idea?

I loved this project! This whole set only took me about an hour or so to make! And since I used the scrap fabrics that I already had, it's very "us." Meaning we match it. Literally.

Anyway, I nailed some linkin logs together to make the stable arch and manger. 8 jenga blocks did the trick. And 3 small linkin-logs for the sheep and baby.

(Don't you love our cluttered counter? It's a peek into our life right now, behind the scenes. Breast pump. Sea monkey tank. Ingredients for grilled-cheese sandwiches.)

Back to Bethlehem! I cut out a bunch of rectangles of fabric to make their little robes and hat-things. I also used any bows or buttons that I liked. It was like picking all of the costumes for a tiny church play! Only the children would be screaming if you secured their clothes with a glue-gun.

Luckily we had a little, button star floating around the house so I grabbed that up and used fishing line to attach it to another small button (about an inch and a half apart). Then I hot-glued the small button to the bottom of the archway.

This morning I found these three kings hiding in our vacuum. That's another thing I like about this nativity. It's just blocks! I don't have to worry about a piece getting lost. I've got a partial jenga set left over (mostly scattered around in the backyard mud) in the case a shepherd leaves home to seek his fortune.

Yarn hair. Ribbon wings. I set the angel on a wooden block.

My favorite are the sheepies. Using white and gray yarn, I fashioned small pom-poms and fluffed the string out. They cheer me up.

I love hearing the boys play with the figures. I especially love when the cradle baby linkin-log Jesus in their arms and take turns giving him kisses. Heaven.


joolee said...

so cute and simple. kids DEFinitely need a Nativity set that they can play with - then the story can come alive. i love it, you creative soul, you.

Jdaniels said...

I love this! What an amazing idea!

you can call me aunt choody said...

I love this.