Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mountain-top love.

I always forget to take our picture when we go out for a date night. I'm afraid I'm going to forget about the times we go do that stuff. Really afraid. Yesterday I was so bummed that he had to go to work that I totally forgot that we'd spent a wonderful weekend together. I have a weird memory. A selective memory. A self-serving memory. I think things like, "we never get any time alone!" when we absolutely do. A lot.

So I wanted to write a few quick notes here. Reminders that we really are romantic sometimes. Let me paint the picture...

1. We sat in the corner of a crammed bistro. We were overdressed and old compared to the crowd of angsty college students around us. There were free cookies, fresh out of the oven, and we ordered hot chocolate. So many students had come out to hear their friends perform in an open mic night (or because they heard about the free cookies) that the tables were being used as seating. The table next to us couldn't take the pressure and split. Literally in half- crashing with the weight of a bunch of girls who fell into a pile on the floor. Once we found out they were alright, we still didn't laugh (right then) because it would have been rude. Instead we played cribbage, listened politely to the poetry readings, and footsied under the table.

2. We dined at McMenamins. Decadent for our little budget. Every bite was heaven. While we played cribbage we reminisced about our courtship and even confessed a few secrets. After knowing one another well for nearly 9 years, those giggly secrets are becoming more rare. We were sublimely content together in our little booth.

3. We walked around goodwill. I ogled the $10 jewelry they keep in their glass case. Duke found the perfect corduroy sports-coat. They had to kick us out at closing time (which happens to us a lot).

4. We played footsy and cribbage while we ate cheesecake and chocolate pie at The Konditorei. Our deserts didn't disappear completely because they were so deliciously rich. We stared at our food and eventually pushed the plates away, which is a very abnormal scene around this household.

5. We drove with friends to Portland for a night of dancing; can you believe it? The sweet music of the 80s rang out all around us. The Crystal Ballroom's floor bounced to the beat as we jumped and swayed and generally rocked-out amidst the crowd. We didn't dress-up per say, but I crimped my hair, wore bright-red lipstick, and felt super adorable. Duke pegged his pant-legs for the occasion. We people watched. We ate pizza on the ballroom's balcony at midnight. It was the dancing experience I'd had a hankering for. We stood in front of a giant fan to air out our armpits and everything! I'll admit that we'd never heard The Cure's "Close to Me" before that night. When it came on we looked at one another and all the background noise and movement faded into a dark blur, just like in the movies. All I could see was him. All I wanted in the world was him. We were 18 again for a dance. I know he felt it, too (she said in her most cupid-struck tone) because although we never said a word about it, on the drive home he simply stated, "we should download Close to Me by the Cure." I loved him then with that mountain-top love, you know? Like if our passionate feelings change like a tide. This was the tops.

I should probably quit before I make someone throw up.

Oh, hey we're on a sugar diet together and everything smells like cookie-dough right now.

The end.

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