Monday, December 12, 2011

our time here.

Can I stay in this world.

Can I stay here where my legs get at least three, giant hugs before noon.

Where bedtimes are all stories and songs.

No curfews because they're always home safe by my side.

Can I stay here where the shoes are adorably tiny. Where small accomplishments receive the mighty claps and shouts of joy.

The change can't be helped. They'll grow like Alice until their limbs pop out of the doors and windows of our home.

And I'll long for their questions...

"Mom, you're a girl. Do you lay eggs like chickens?"

"Mom, when Jesus comes back will our DVDs stop skipping?"

Oh, how I'll miss the time when their world and mine were one and the same.


Kathy said...

Just continue cherishing (and documenting, as you do so beautifully) the moments you have now. The time for them to move on comes faster than you can even imagine. My baby turns 18 next week!

Staci said...

are you trying to make me cry....yes you are!

Bridget said...

So sweet! My mother's favorite age is always the age she currently is - her favorite time in our lives is always the time we're currently in. I'm sure the teenage years challenged that plenty but her goal to enjoy her life no matter what has played a big part in the way I enjoy my life. Thanks for sharing the things you are enjoying right now.