Thursday, December 29, 2011

tax season and time passers.

On days without Duke we morph into a near-feral gang. Ice cream for breakfast. Pajamas all day. A house like a junkyard.

I know that when he's around I don't need to impress him with my homemaking skills or anything. But with him to be a cheering spectator I've got some motivation to achieve in my wifely life. Take away my fan and our once adventurous team watches movies all day long.

When he's away I put the kids to bed at 8pm and don't expect him until after 10. So what do I do with those precious hours? Geek-out on the computer, of course.

I think about all the time I've spent making banners for this silly blog.


Hey, remember when things were really simple? When we only had one kid.

Hey, remember my incredibly narcissistic phase? I haven't entirely grown out of it as evident by the fact that I'm still blogging.

Oh yeah. There was that time when I craved color.

With each baby born, I've had to find ways to squeeze everyone in...

Take previous header, add infant.

Do you ever look back at certain periods of your life and think, "wow, that was the tops?" I've placed Summer Of 2010 in a pedestal position. I often wish for a repeat. The summer ahead is shaping up to be that brand of magical. I do believe that hope will sustain me until April 15th when my accountant husband can linger in my arms again.

The computer. Photoshop. Fellow bloggers. That is my retreat. This year I hope to moderate my escape. This year I plan to find other avenues for stress relief. I say that every year. I mean it every year.

Oh, sweet change. You keep me alive.

Did you know that we are about to close on our first home? Did you know that I will be in furniture-rearranging heaven? Although Duke will not be around to help much in the moving and the cleaning, I think the challenge will come at the perfect time for my change-hungry soul.

Family of six. Holy cow. Have I mentioned lately that I am a mother of four? I have a daughter now. These children are my strength. My comfort. They don't even notice when the house is messy. We can do this. Hand in hand in hand in hand in hand.

Yesterday was a long day for Duke. While he worked tirelessly I photo-shopped my children eating the sun. My life is so hard, right?

Heck yes, I've got the better end of this "you work and I'll stay home with the kids" deal! I'm suddenly invigorated! We can do this! We will totally rock this!

Now off to compose a live list.


Whitney Lane said...

I love that you still have all your old headers! And I love everything about this post. :)

Johnsons said...

girl your photos are just incredible!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Ooh! I love the banners! You're so creative! I think my faves are the one with Sparky looking out the window and the kids eating the sun. Adorable!

Laura said...

You are closing on a house?! I am so jealous! But happy for you of course. My best friend just closed on one too. It'll be at least 5 more years before we settle down, maybe after my husband finishes his PhD. Maybe.
So, I was having a hectic day the other day and didn't want to cook dinner, so my husband lovingly suggested we go out to eat. "You're even dressed up today," he observed, trying to talk me into it (and hoping to avoid corn dogs again I'm sure) --of course, what he really meant was, "You actually got dressed today..." You know, like instead of running around in slippers and a sweat shirt, I'm sure.
Anyway, I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who lets their kids wear pajamas all day. Of course, I'm not so good at maintaining the wifely facade when my husband is home more often than usual, like during the holidays, or when he had fewer classes last semester, or... ever actually. Anyways, it's still good to see you're not perfect either, or I might've ended up feeling inadequate or something. Love the banners, and good luck through tax season!

Heather said...

Congratulations on closing on your new home! What an exciting way to begin a new year! The banners are also fantastic... they're inspiring me to work on my own as I'll need to create one to include our newest member in a few months.