Monday, January 9, 2012

The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.

So once an alien to Oregon came for a visit.

He said he couldn't tell a difference between the state's fashion elite and their homeless.

It's true. Plus all of the cutest girls wear glasses (even if they don't need them). Nerds.

Tamsin and I were both going on and on about how adorable Emily looks in this style. Don't you think?

We counseled her to turn her back on the Disney Channel Divas. To quit ferociously manicuring her nails and stop wearing a bump-it on her sweet, 10-year-old head.

My mom was standing behind us when we were complimenting Ems and we turned around to see a very puzzled look on her face. She says that she remembers when those glasses were what people who really needed glasses wore. She remembers wearing those glasses. She despises photos of herself from the 80s, wearing those very glasses.

Well, mom. They're back. But not for long, so enjoy the fun while it lasts. (Exhibit A.)

Lately I've been off of the fashion train. Actually, I wore sweats to a birthday party. Then Fitz peed on me and I didn't even change my clothes for another day and a half. Gross.

Bleubird Vintage is one of those blogs that makes me feel motivated to be a cute mom again, but not in a self-loathing way. Speaking of birds, are they still stylish? (Exhibit B.)

I've been looking for an excuse to be darling.

Tamsin messaged me from a computer at school saying that her day was grey and that the only cure was a photo-shoot. Heck yeah!

I'll post some of the photos soon. I hope you enjoyed our sneak peek video, though. Don't you love the song that my mom intruduced me to? (She's a trendsetter in more than just huge, thick glasses, you see.)


Staci said...

Oh you gals are so cute...I think you all rock the big glasses and those tights are so adorable I think I might make some now. I love Portlandia btw...makes me miss Portland!

Jodi@ said...

I LOVE the video!!! You and your sisters (glasses and all) are adorable! :o)

Brooke said...

I am so guilty of putting a bird on a tote bag. AND a onesie. For shame, for shame.

Glo said...

Y'all rock the thick glasses. I guess it's all perspective.