Thursday, January 12, 2012

guess what.

Hey, y'all should make a "guess what" post with signs and leave me a link so that I can come to your life for a quick visit!

I would love that.


Crystal said...

but does she sleep at night?! oh no! fun post : )

joolee said...

maybe we will do a post like this...and my son's fave color is pink too. (??) i think it's from his sister always claiming the pink cup or pink plate. now he does it.

RoxanasiEliza said...

Love you, love you, love you!

alyssa suzanne said...

I love this so much. My husband's favorite color was pink when he was sparky's age.

Laura said...

I would totally do this if I could find my camera. It got lost over the holidays. :( I've actually been meaning to ask you what kind of camera you use.
I like Fitz's sign best.
I'm afraid my kids don't know pink or purple very well --such sheltered children.