Monday, January 16, 2012

Is it still Monday?

Slowest day EVER.

So slow that I'm thinking of cutting my hair just for something to do.

I bet that's why kids cut their own hair. And why they can only shrug when you ask, "why did you do that?!"

Awe, bangs were so cute, Megan. You should do it.

Other Megan, do you remember how long it's taken to grow these bangs out???

You're right, Megan.

Wait, which one of us is right? Are we cutting? I'm confused. Me too.


Staci said...

you look so cute with bangs! I wish I could even grow my hair out!

Vashti said...

This post is SO awesome! I keep coming back to eat and re reading it. It just makes me smile! You are so awesome!

joolee said...

this is EXACTLY how i feel right now DRAGGED. i'm going stir-crazy. except when that happens for me, i always feel the need to shop online, not cut my hair...which is the most dangerous i wonder....?

prettybaby said...

love them! xx

Crystal said...

It was the longest day for us too!!! And today the schools are closed....!!!