Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my one resolution.

Follow Their Lead.

break it down, now.

a. wake up bouncing, running, smiling. wake up frenzied.

b. see everything. notice the world around. grin.

c. stop moving. let amazement in simple moments be. watch a while.

d. ask. ask anything about anything. ask for anything.

e. be daring. fearless. hope and have faith.

f. follow impulsive thoughts to adventurous ends.

g. bring positivity to the table. lend unending optimism to everyone around.

h. feel empowered. feel outstanding. see a super hero reflected in the mirror.

i. live oblivious to critical opinions. assume everyone is friendly inside their own head.

j. have a friendly head, yourself.

k. trust. especially trust God.

l. run around half-naked and wet the bed often.

just kidding about that last one.

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