Tuesday, January 3, 2012

not fair. no. but well.

We tried really, really hard to make sure he wasn't lost in the shuffle.

Fitz turned two on the 29th. Days after Christmas. Days before New Years.

For his party we had a little bike rodeo and I think it was a hit.

You know, I'm always worried that he's going to feel gypped. Middle child. Following a steam-roller personality. Followed by our first baby girl. And he's so...


He almost didn't get to eat his own cake. Iggy was swooping in on the last piece (a second slice). Nursing the baby, I sat helpless and asked my brother to intervene on the birthday boy's behalf. "Can you take that cake from him, Fitz hasn't had any yet." Upon hearing my request, Iggy frantically stuffed forkfuls into his mouth. We managed to save some half-chewed chunks.

Here's the thing though. Fitz was just pleased to have any at all.

He is the kindest, gentlest, most thankful boy, with zero entitlement in his reasoning. I will do my best to make things fair for him- but in my failing is perhaps found his greatest schooling. He is a peacemaker. A lover. In part because he's had to make the most of the short-end of the stick.

Speaking of his peacefulness; I've been curious to see how the terrible-twos will touch him. Well, he's becoming busy and inquisitive. Still good natured. He gets frustrated and hits (like any tot will) but it's the sweetest thing...

He became frustrated over something and hit his brother (more like tapped his brother gently). "Hit Sossy!" (That's what he calls his older brother.) I urged him to be kind. "Hit mommy!" He tapped me, too. Then I reminded him that hitting people was not a good way to express frustration. "Hit blanket!" He stared at his blanket for a second after smacking it and then looked up. He turned to his brother. "Sorry Sossy." Glancing at me. "Sorry Mommy." And directing his gaze back down. "Sorry Blanket."

I look into his beautiful, blue eyes and behold through that window a soul, true and gracious. I see pure love.

Happy birthday, dear son.

Can I be unfair in your favor for a moment? It almost never happens. Just for this moment I'll tell you a secret.

You are my favorite.

Sometimes I feel like telling you that.

Now back to loving you all equally. Because I do.


kelly said...

this was so sweet. i feel like every family has one of these. i know we sure do and he is sandwiched between an overbearing sister and a red fiery little brother. a quite hooray for the tender ones:)

Rachel said...

I have an affinity for third children as I am one, and occasionally I did feel lost, but never un-loved. Neither will Fitz. Love this post!