Thursday, January 19, 2012

one last romp.

goodbye backyard.

you have been so very good to us.

thanks for always being there when we need you.

we will miss your vastness. your shaded splendor.

we just had to enjoy you one last time, even if it is the rainiest part of winter.

but for comfort after a rain-run there is always a warm bath.

awe, sad. bye bath tub.

you've been so good to us, too.

guys, we'll miss you both.


Staci said...

awe i love the rain..i also wished i had a backyard to play in and i also wished i had your body after having a baby.

Brieanna said...

No kidding, you have such skinny legs...jealous. But I have to quote "Portlandia" on this one..."uhhh where are your pants? That is one awesome backyard, I'm sure this summer it will be missed.

Megan Marie said...

haha, brie.

my legs are skinny. and SO REFLECTIVE! it blinds the eyes to all the stretch marks.

sometime is feels so good to be in just a swimming suit, don't you think?? today i was jumping and running and acting like a little kid. and i was laughing when my bum jiggled with every prancing step. i kind-of loved how freeing it was.

it reminds me of a super sweet thing a friend of mine used to say... "i don't want my kids to remember how stressed i was about my body. i just want them to remember that i got in the pool and played with them."

Laura said...

'i've got everything that i need right in front of me.' we just saw the muppets and it made me think of yoooou.

Crystal said...

We'll miss you too! Wait. No we won't; we'll visit!