Monday, January 30, 2012

thanks and thoughts.

thank you, friends, for your parenting advice and support. i feel like i have a full tool box of solutions and i am excited to try your ideas to help the boys be kind. keep the helpful hints coming.

the phrase "we love those we serve" has been playing on my mind's loop for a couple of days. this inspiration has been so subtle that i almost missed it. when the light-bulb flipped i realized that i need to do more to serve them- not just the regular things (which are hard for children to notice). i have so many opportunities to speak love to them and in turn feel my love for them grow.

no more fighting fire with fire. contention with contention.

for some time i have been feeling like the first person awake sets the mood for the day. i want to be that person but i'm failing in that goal. they're always up first, uttering a hurried good-morning and rushing to the computer for netflix.

i needed a way to change the routine. but awaking early is too ambitious for me these days, especially when i wait well into the night for duke to come home.

"aha!" i thought. "i might not be the first one up, but maybe i could influence the mood of the first one up!"

a spotless room to brighten their morning. with kind notes addressed to them in the stairwell.

heck yeah.

i tell you what, they came right into our room like it was Christmas morning to tell us about the hearts. then we sat on the stairs together to read all the compliments i wrote to each of them the night before. even in my most groggy mornings i can read prepared compliments.

my next plan is to involve each of them in secret service (not the Secret Service) for one another. maybe they'll sneak and draw someone a cool picture. or make them a snack. or do their job for them.

because we really do love those we serve.

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Laura said...

this brings back good memories. heart attacks from megs were always a pick-me-up.