Wednesday, January 11, 2012

today's top five.

5. Iggy asked me if we can have 20 more babies.

4. Fitz went down for his nap without a fight and yelled "I love you, mommy" as I walked away.

3. Sparky tried speaking to a lama using sounds he learned on Go Diego Go, and it really worked.

2. Moe went on her first swing-ride.

1. The boys polity asked one "Mr. Rabbit" to move so that they could see the egg it just laid.

More pictures from our farm outing here.


Unknown said...

Meg keep the kids away from Llamas, I had my own bad experience with one as a kid, it spit in my hair, ask Matthew about it he should remember. LOL Love Kate

Scott and Lori Smith said...

Oh Megan, I will never get tired of reading your posts...and about your babies. I just love all the things they say. It makes me excited for Addi to start talking- except for the wanting 20 more