Monday, January 30, 2012

zip line.

i love their little bodies.

i love that almost any rope holds their weight.

i love that the distance from the ceiling to the floor is very long to them.

sometimes i still think i'm that small. like the other day when we were playing sardines and i hid in a packing box. i prayed that someone would find me before i broke my back in two.

i watch them climb the door frames and i remember when i could. i remember how high-up i felt.

i love that we all start small. my dad jokingly says the house he grew up in is smaller than he remembers. imagining the way his mother saw him makes me smile.

once my brothers and i made sheet hammocks in a tree. we ripped holes in all of the sheets. i bet mom was not happy about that, but i can't remember that part of the story.

oh, i hope they squeeze into all the tiny spaces they find. that they hang off of flimsy lines. that they climb the piano and feel like they're on a mountain top. while they can.

my, how i love that a rope with the pvc pipe for a handle and a mattress near the bottom is as good as any fancy carnival ride.

yes, i love their little bodies.


Laura said...

awesome! i remember doing that in the trees with my brothers as a little kid. the pvc pipe finally wore so thin it burned our hands. but so fun.

Teresa said...

I think you must be the best mom ever!