Wednesday, February 29, 2012

blustery-day fort.

Luckily we had some pvc piping and 90 degree joints on hand. (We highly recommend collecting a bit of this cheap building material.)

After constructing a squarish shape, we used rope to create a hanging apparatus. Actually, we couldn't find any rope so we used braided balloon-string and had a great discussion. "How are families like this string? Are we stronger by ourselves or together? How can we work as a team like the strings in this braid?" You know, momly conversation.

I stuck an anchored hook in the ceiling and hanged the string at the cross. Then we used clothes-pins to fasten sheets for walls. Ideally, I would cut fabric to the right size and sew it together to make a tidy and reusable tent. Ideally. But this was okay, too.

We furnished what became our royal tent in only the finest of things.

And examined any potential court-members closely before admitting them.

Extravagant lighting. Ornate thrones.

And grandpa supplies the luxurious feast.

Oh, I love my life.

Even if they did name me "the evil princess" because I was bossing them around while we were making the fort.


joolee said...

all the creative adventures you do with your boys make me smile. :)

kelly said...

i adore it here.

The Margin Wight said...

Your son, in his crown, reminds me of the boy in Where the Wild Things Are. Lucky kids, yours.