Sunday, February 5, 2012

date nights, continued.

Iggy has big plans. Always. So letting him pick our date-night spot(s) was maybe not my best idea as I spent much of our evening telling him "no."

"Now we are supposed to go to a toy store and buy me toys." No. "Now let's go swimming." No.

Our date could have easily turned into a week long vacation. Next time I think we'll talk about it beforehand so that I can expel all of my negative responses at once.

He did have some stellar plans, though. The pet store to get a puppy. Driving the car by himself. Those plans were doable (when slightly modified).

Have you noticed that Iggy is highly charismatic? I have. Boy, have I. These mom eyes of mine get to see how all the world melts like chocolate in his hands.

Once, when he was only two, we went to visit someone in the hospital and we walked by a waiting room full of stern-looking men. These men, probably ten of them, were sitting in total silence. They didn't look friendly, and I don't think they spoke the same language as us. I tugged Iggy's hand to keep him walking forward but he broke free and ran into the room. I watched as he greeted each man with a warm grin and an outstretched hand. We couldn't leave until he'd shaken every hand twice and cracked a smile on every face. That's Iggy.

A couple of years ago we went to an aquarium and an octopus loved Iggy. I was surprised (but also not surprised) that each of the pet-store tank-occupants pressed their faces on the glass to see him. They didn't give a hoot for me, but they loved him. They wanted him to love them, too. He has that power with people and animals.

Sometimes I fret about our relationship. While he charms the masses, he clashes with me. Sometimes I worry that he doesn't think of me as much more than the hand that feeds him. Then I remember that he has big plans. And that I'm not the center of his universe, but he still loves me. Our bond is formed as I help him to reach for his goals, and I am learning how to lift him. He's a very special boy, and although I don't always feel like I'm the perfect parent for him, I must be, because he's my son.

Iggy wanted every rubber chicken to squeak in chorus. Naturally he employed the help of two store patrons to make this happen. The four of us stood together and made a beautiful ruckus. That's Iggy.

Maybe we're more alike than different.

One of my favorite moments on our date was when we finished eating dinner together. Iggy aptly stated, "we ate just in time." We are both ticking time-bombs of grump.

I think he really appreciated the chance for some self-directed mischief and adventure. I had a nice time on our date. In all honestly though, I feel closest to him in more quiet moments. Late that night, after our return home, Iggy had a nightmare. I comforted him, rocking his little body and speaking sweetness in his ears. He asked if I could read him the scriptures to help him feel better and a couple of verses in, he was asleep again. I liked that.

Everyone loves him. I love him. And I know he loves me, too.