Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marlaine brought cookies today.

A few of the many reasons I love Marlaine...

1. She's willing to spend a whole Saturday with me because she knows I miss my husband.

2. She talks to my kids. She asks them questions and cares about their answers. She loves them.

3. She is a wonderful homemaker and a great example to me. She gardens and bakes, but she's also up for high adventure.

4. She has three grown(ish) boys and has become my go-to friend for son-related questions and advice.

5. She is a real human being. She tells stories to me of past struggles, reminding me that I have time to grow and learn. She lets me be human, too.

One of the big reasons that Duke and I bought a house around the corner is so that we could stay close to Marlaine and her husband, Rusty. We feel so thankful to have them as our good friends.

Did I mention she bakes?


Unknown said...

Such a sweet post, you make me cry. We love your family too and were so happy you didn't move far!

Rachel said...

I love Marlaine, too! She is such a wonderful lady...and unfortunately I didn't know she bakes when I lived closer! DARN!