Friday, February 24, 2012

oy oy oy, this is insstressing.

watching three other kids (8,6, & 5 year old girls). along with regular life. that's what i've done this week. whew.

the littlest girl often exclaims, "oy oy oy, this is insstressing." i totally agree.

i'll have to calculate the miles we've walked this week depositing and collecting children. it feels like 100. we're so tough. rar.

waking up at five to be ready for them at six is un-sarcastic-ly splendid. the boys and girls always find fun surprises on the table.

tamsin turned 18. yay, sister. you're so cool.

"i was just protecting myself..."

let's have one more "oy."

and that is all i have time to say for now.


Heather said...

I am totally and completely coveting that Rainbow Brite lunchbox! Takes me back...

Megan Marie said...

oh, that old thing...

haha, just kidding, it's the most exciting addition to our home since the baby. my sister found it for me at a by-the-pond goodwill! (i'll bet it weighed in at 10 cents.) can you believe it!? i almost had a heart attack when she brought it by. my childhood show. my favorite characters. my best color. yes yes yes. :)