Wednesday, February 15, 2012


dance-class moms are the perfect friends for me right now. we know one another by which kid belongs to us. "kid's-first-name-basis" is the very least-acquainted that friends can be, don't you think? we talk for half-an-hour about whatever comes up (aka pregnancies or the craziness of having a 3-year-old) and then we scramble out the doors as fast as we can, all with friendly smiles.

i need a scheduled play-date with other grown-ups. short. hassle-free. keeps me from becoming a savage.

this morning one of the moms that i really like (ellie's mom) was talking about her other kids (9 and 11). she expounded on her constant quest to find her stride and get into the groove. sounded familiar. later i thought, "awe crap. if she's got kids age 9 and 11 and she's still waiting for things to settle down, than our household has no hope."

in the past i've experienced the mud settling to the bottom for a moment before someone walks through the water. that's my new goal. i'd like a really great day with an empty "to-do" list to catch my breath.

just one day.

great-grandpa turned 90 on sunday, can you believe it? there's a man with well-earned time to sit and do nothing.

i think it would be rad to time-travel in my own life and live different parts at my leisure. spend the weekdays in my 30s and weekends in my 70s.

awe, look at that baby! yeah, i'm pretty sure i'd spend the whole weekend waiting for monday to come so i could pinch those little cheeks.

ps- duke and i are always wishing we could pause time. to sleep. out of all the cool things we could do with that power. we are so lame.

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Bridget said...

That is not lame - that is normal. I'm loving your new cut!