Monday, March 5, 2012

bless her heart again and again.

Vintage party dress from off of a thrift-store doll. home-made bow. sweet booties gifted from a dear friend. Bracelet made for baby by my mom.

Blessing gown and bonnet gifted from my mom and dad. Heirloom broach from Duke's mom, once given to her on her wedding day by her mother-in-law, gifted to me on our wedding day.

One irritated little girl. Will I never learn?

"That was a fun photo-shoot, mom. But say we never do that again, okay"

PS- the following comment made my day (because I love it so much that my dad reads my blog)... "Do not forget the wire rattle that I traded an apple stick ogre club for at the renfaire. Love, Dad" Thanks dad. It's her favorite.


amateur idler said...

Okay, she is adorable - and so is the new haircut! Just super short in the back with long bangs?
I can barely dress myself, but I want a baby to dress. That looks fun, to say the least. A hearty congratulations, by the way.

Megan Marie said...

thank you! yes, it's sort-of cut like a mohawk, but not so extreme. i just started chopping away and that's where i ended up. :) so nice to hear from you!

Scott and Stacia said...

How cute!! Really she is a doll :)

Anonymous said...

Do not forget the wire rattle that I traded an apple stick ogre club for at the renfaire. Love, Dad

Bridget said...

I know what post that link goes to even without clicking on it. We all push the limits. Some of us don't know where they are. Some of us wish they were further away. Some of us know where they are and don't care.

When you learn not to push the limits anymore, ever, you'll be like God. That's a long way away for me, but seeing that you are on the path too is encouraging. The point is to get there.

Thanks again for all you share.

Bridget said...

I meant to say that you are in the second category. So am I. That's why I liked your link.